Qantas sets ‘digitalisation’ as foundational piece for recovery

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Qantas sets 'digitalisation' as foundational piece for recovery

Unveils three-year strategy, including at least 6000 job cuts.

Qantas is set to place “digitalisation” – and specifically IT delivery transformation and customer experience (CX) – at the centre of its recovery strategy, though it is unclear to what extent that might shield the airline’s IT team from cuts.

The airline today unveiled a three year plan [pdf] designed to cut out $15 billion of costs over the period, and an additional $1 billion a year beyond.

It characterised three phases of the strategy as rightsize, restructure and recapitalise.

Qantas will cut at least 6000 roles from “across all parts of the business”; at least 1450 job losses will impact unspecified “corporate roles”.

iTnews was seeking a breakdown of this number pertaining to the impact on the airline’s IT organisation at the time of publication.

Additionally, another 15,000 staff already stood down due to COVID-19 would remain that way.

The airline did, however, note in a slide deck [pdf] that “digitalisation” is one of three foundational elements in its recovery plan.

Detail is sparse, but Qantas said that its digital foundations would be focused around its “customer experience model” and “IT delivery transformation”.

iTnews is seeking clarification on whether these are new programs of work or are extensions of existing programs.

Qantas is known to have been pursuing a large-scale CX transformation based on technology from SAP’s Qualtrics.

Back in June last year when the project first surfaced, Qantas executives indicated the works still had another two years to run.

Qantas – like many other large organisations – has also been shifting to a cloud-based IT delivery model over the past few years. 

It had shifted 70 percent of its apps to the cloud as of November last year.


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