Grammarly adopts ChatGPT-like AI to improve experience: What it means for users

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Grammarly adopts ChatGPT-like AI to improve experience: What it means for users

Cloud-based typing assistant, Grammarly helps users with their writing, This tool reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation and other mistakes in English texts. This platform also enables users to customise their style and tone of writing. The US-based writing assistant platform is the latest company to adopt generative AI. This technology was made popular by the AI chatbot, ChatGPT which was launched by Microsoft-backed AI research startup OpenAI in October 2022. Now, the grammar-checking tool has announced its support for a generative AI tool that can write content in users’ writing style.

What is GrammarlyGO
In a blog post, the company defines “GrammarlyGO” as a generative AI product which is designed to “accelerate productivity where people write.” The product is set to launch in the coming months. GrammarlyGO will be available for all users — both free and paid versions and a beta program of the same will start in April.

GrammarlyGO: How will it work
Similar to ChatGPT, GrammarlyGO can also create text based on a short prompt. However, Grammarly adds a special element. The content generated copies that the tool produces will be in the user’s usual writing style. This is possible as Grammarly already analyses everything the user writes for mistakes. So, the writing tool already has plenty of data to work with.

GrammarlyGO: How will it help users
Grammarly has pointed out that there are some use cases for the AI-based writing tool. It includes writing email replies based on one-click prompts like, “I’m not interested.”

The company also notes that its generative AI tool can rewrite existing content to assist the tone or clarity. Moreover, the tool can also modify the existing content and either increase or decrease it to fit a specific word count. The tool is also capable of helping content creators to use AI to help generate outlines or form ideas.

Grammarly has outlined some of the common use cases of the AI-based tool:

Compose text: With a quick prompt, users can compose a tailored draft right where they’re working.

Reply to emails: GrammarlyGO understands the context of emails and offers relevant one-click prompts (like “I’m interested” or “I’m not interested”) for users to quickly draft replies.

Rewrite for tone and clarity: Transform entire sections of writing to be clearer and use the right tone, whether to improve its friendliness, professionalism, or more. Users can choose from prompts or input their own to rewrite their selected text.

Rewrite for length: Transform writing to be just the right length, making it longer or shorter at the click of a prompt.

Ideate: Augment creativity and speed up content creation by using GrammarlyGO as an AI ideation partner, generating outlines or ideas to reference or add directly to the text.

Personalise their voice: Users can set their preferred tones and professional role to generate writing customised to their voice and needs.

Use prompts as a guide: GrammarlyGO leverages context to suggest one-click prompts for improving writing.


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