Google has a new shortcut to start a Meet call

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Google has a new shortcut to start a Meet call

Internet search giant Google has expanded its .’new’ links to incorporate Google Meet. This was confirmed by Javier Soltero, general manager and vice president of G Suite at Google who said, “Oh, and works too. You’re welcome.”

Writing ‘’ on a web browser acts as a shortcut to go to the URL where you can directly start a Google Meet through the link. This is the same web page that opens when the users click on ‘Start a meeting’ on Gmail.

Just this week, Google added a shortcut to start a Google Meet video call to its Gmail app for both Android and iOS users that will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Once this feature is made available to all smartphone users, they will be able to see a Meet tab on their smartphone’s Gmail app itself. Within this tab, they will see all the scheduled Google Meet calls in a calendar.

All these efforts from Google are easily part of the company’s strategy to push into the video conferencing platforms.

Back in April, the company made Google Meet free for everyone. The platform had in the past been part of G-Suite, Google’s productivity solution for businesses, organisations and schools. Google even said that users will be able to conduct free meetings only up to an hour, however, there is not going to be any cap until after September 30.

Google also has a dedicated app for Google Meet that recently crossed 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.


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