Apple says no to Facebook’s gaming platform on App Store

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Apple says no to Facebook's gaming platform on App Store

Apple has been facing some heat over its App Store policies and “anti-competitive” behaviour from app developers. The Cupertino-based tech giant has now rejected Facebook Gaming, an app as the name suggests, meant for gaming. The move will not quell down the accusations of Apple being anti-competition.

According to a report by The New York Times, Facebook’s Gaming app was being reviewed by Apple for the past few weeks. The report states that Facebook isn’t surprised by Apple’s move as they were expecting. Facebook has been trying to get the app on the App Store since February.

Facebook Gaming is a gaming platform that allows users to livestream gameplays and has a dedicated social network as well. While Apple hasn’t commented on why the app was rejected, the report says that Facebook having its own games in the app could be the main reason for Apple rejecting the app.

The New York Times story says that Apple has maintained that it does not allow third-party apps to offer games as a separate platform. Apple already has Apple Arcade and other games on App Store and it wouldn’t have allowed other companies to offer their own game stores on iPhone or the iPad.

The App Store — and Apple Arcade — are the only approved platforms by Apple for iPhone and iPad users to play games. The report states that Apple generated about $15 billion from games on the App Store.

Apple, as per the report, rejected Facebook Gaming app five times before taking the final call of not allowing the app.

Developers on App Store have to pay a certain commission to Apple on app sales and subscription. Some of them have complained that Apple acts as a monopoly and gives its own apps and services a certain advantage over third-party apps.


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